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Saad Information Technology develops complete ERP systems.
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Saad Information Technology provides File Archiving Systems for corporate companies with various capacities and configurations.



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About us..

Saad Information Technology is a Software Development, web development and e-commerce development company implementing IT-projects of any complexity. We develop unique website solutions to increase efficiency and competitive advantage of companies by enabling web technologies for their businesses.

Our experience in providing successful in-house software development, web development and ecommerce development services and maintenance of sophisticated internet applications for different industries helps us create solutions working trouble free from the outset. Saad Information Technology Development Company expertise guarantees quality, competent and rapid execution of any projects from small in-house software, websites to complex ecommerce software and custom solution programming.
Saad Information Technology Development Company uses advanced technologies for secure and reliable online software and website development. All our projects are featured with the needed documentation, guarantee and support.

Saad Information Technology Est. is a company incorporated in the Saudi Arabia. Our Software and web development office is located in AL-Khobar, Riyadh. We have a proven track of effective working experience with customers


Saad Information Technology is a team of IT outsourcing and business professionals. We have obtained unique experience and built a very strong team of offshore web and software developers and managers. The projects we have been working on required not only remarkable development and technical expertise, but an in-depth understanding of in house application, internet marketing, ecommerce and functioning of many industries. We are glad to have IT industry pioneers among our clients, other companies that need very sophisticated solutions working with unprecedented reliability. Saad Information Technology has earned a good reputation of a professional ecommerce and IT consultant, helping many companies establish and develop prosperous businesses online.
We offer services of top-level professionals only. Saad Information Technology is being a center of programming and software outsourcing services and permanent professionals every year. Each Saad Information Technology employee has higher education and is strongly encouraged to advance it.


Working with Saad Information Technology is very easy and convenient. Our management resides in Saudi Arabia and the website and software outsourcing office is located in Al-Khobar and in Riyadh. We have multiple telephone lines, Help Desk team, Marketing team, Technical team always available during office hours. Our corporate portal was especially developed to provide clients with unique capability to manage the working process on their projects. Our customers have all the tools needed to track development progress, get the information on hours spent and directly communicate with all the project team members.
A good knowledge of the English and local Arabic language is a must for all of our employees. We also provide English & Arabic language tutoring to our team. ALL our employees feel very comfortable in communicating English and Arabic with our customers.


Saad Information Technology is a highly experienced development company and ecommerce consultant that utilizes the benefits of offshore website development and software outsourcing center to offer unique saving capabilities to our customers. Saad Information Technology provide you with great software outsourcing services at a more than affordable rate.
A well-established software outsourcing process combined with a huge amount of developed and tested code for reuse in future applications lower the overall project time and cost even more. All these business advantages enable us to offer top-notch offshore web and ecommerce Software Development services in Saudi Arabia.

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